Sugar…ahhhh honey honey

March 19, 2013

The President’s Cancer Panel predicts that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women – about 40% of the US population – will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives.*

I think those numbers are dramatic enough to make some major life changes, how about you?

A big change I’ve made in my kitchen over the past 6 months is eliminating all refined sugar products.  This was hard for me because I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’ve made for years.  When I would have a bad day or ran out of things to do with Noah, we’d resort to baking those chocolate chip cookies together.  I’m a little sentimental and have memories of baking cookies with my mom throughout my childhood.

With any negative habit you are trying to break, it is important that you replace it with a positive one.  Cooking and baking with my kids is very important to me, so I found a replacement for my chocolate chip cookies.  These granola balls (recipe) are yummmmmmmy and taste like cookie dough to me.  They do contain honey, but used in a raw, unfiltered, organic form it is the best choice of sweetener for our family right now.  Noah enjoys making these just as much as making the cookies…and the best part is, they are “no bake” so you can enjoy them immediately after mixing!  Another “no bake” recipe I tried that are even more nutritious than the granola balls are these Chocolate Mint Cookie Dough Bites.  They are rich, wonderful and contain no sugar other than the natural sweetness of the dates.  Making cookies with refined sugar produced from a genetically modified seed and genetically modified shortening was probably not the best habit to teach my son ;o).  Sweets can still be enjoyed around here, just in a new, real form!  The post below is a great source for more information on the best sweeteners to choose for your family.

I would love to hear about real food treats you like to make in your kitchen and where you buy your ingredients if local!  Please don’t be shy, share in the comments, I’m searching for new recipes!  Happy Monday!

*pg. 12 of 196 in the President’s Cancer Panel 2010-2011 full report.

  • robs

    I love these no bake peanut butter balls –
    2 cups oats
    1 cup crunchy peanut butter
    1/3 cup brown sugar
    1/3 cup honey
    1 tsp vanilla

    mix and refrigerate, roll into balls. excellent for nursing moms (oatmeal stimulates milk production) and provide energy quickly. would you sub the brown sugar for something else, or would you eat this?

  • Lindsay

    We’re slowly moving in this direction in our house too. Not sure if you drink coffee- but I’d assume that you, like me, need a little pick-me-up in the morning. If so- are you sweetening your coffee with honey or maple syrup or taking it without any sweetener? Much love!

    • I have never been a huge coffee drinker but I do occasionally drink it and I kind of made up a concoction of adding a little honey, a little mexican vanilla, and some almond milk to my coffee when I do drink it! I have been trying to drink green tea with honey in the mornings because it is caffeinated but also has numerous health benefits, although it doesn’t give you that “jolt” that coffee does and Lord knows we need that jolt sometimes!!!!