What I bought at Trader Joe’s

March 25, 2013

If you live in North Fort Worth, it’s worth the drive down to Trader Joe’s every few weeks if you are looking for low price organic produce, dairy, dried fruit, frozen fruit and vegetables, nuts, etc…The woman who checked us out told me that people drive there from Oklahoma City once a month to stock up!  I used Lisa Leake’s blog post on what she buys at Trader Joe’s to help me make my shopping list.  Here is what I bought this weekend:
 photo 42db5019-872d-4097-854e-8bbe18b1b733.jpg

Organic Blue corn tortilla chips- $2.99 (A big bag.  These have 3 ingredients!)

Organic whole dried cranberries- $2.99

Organic Quinoa- $3.49

Trader Joe’s whole grain pretzel sticks- $1.99

2 cans of organic black beans- $1.19 each

Organic 2lb bag mandarin oranges- $3.29 (These are $4.99 at Kroger for non organic, we will go through this entire bag in a week)
 photo c9663740-7d01-4553-a8cf-61110f6bed3c.jpg
Hormone free Monterrey Jack whole milk cheese sticks- $3.99

Ak-mak crackers- $1.69

Organic frozen peas- $1.99

Organic frozen mango- $2.29

Tahini- $2.99

Organic heavy cream- $3.19

Organic dark chocolate truffle bar- $1.99 (they suckered me to getting this at the checkout! not pictured but worth.every.penny)

Bag of Lemons-$1.99

Organic Tuscan Kale- $2.29

Organic Zucchini Squash- $3.29 (for 5 zucchini)

I plan to do a price comparison at Central Market, Kroger, and Wal-mart on some of the frozen and fresh produce…I could have bought more but already have several items at home so I didn’t need to buy everything in sight.  I also had a fussy baby and tired toddler with me so I was just grabbing things on my list and not lingering and reading labels like I would have liked!  I already have staple items like coconut oil, almond butter, maple syrup, and raw honey in my kitchen but I did notice that these products were very well priced at Trader Joe’s and when I run out of them I will start buying them there!  Local produce and ingredients are obviously better than mainstream grocery store products, however if you are on a budget and don’t live next to a farm, Trader Joe’s is a great place to start eating organic food because from what I can tell, the prices are the same or lower than other conventional grocery stores.  When we got home, I made Noah a quick dinner with the Ak-mak crackers (Love these!  They have bible verses on the back of the package!!!) and Central Market classic hummus, baby carrots, the whole organic dried cranberries (oh my word these are amazing, but I did notice they have added sugar…oops!), and one of the trader joe’s brand cheese sticks (a new favorite!).
 photo 9e97a6ac-d38d-4ef9-8094-4ac9295abf23.jpg

What are your favorite items at Trader Joe’s?  One thing that I am confused by is that Trader Joe’s states that they do not source genetically modified food for their store brand, however soy lecithin is in so many of their products.  I really wanted to buy their coconut oil cooking spray but soy lecithin was listed on the ingredient list.  My understanding is that if it does not say “organic soy lecithin” there is at least a 90% chance it is genetically modified.  I submitted a letter to Trader Joe’s headquarters hoping to get an answer to my question.  I would reeeeealllly like some coconut oil cooking spray but I don’t want genetically modified spray;o)!!!!  I’ll let you know what they say!

Oh and what’s a weekend without a trip to Homestead Farms for some yummy goat milk!
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  • Kim

    I loooove Trader Joe’s! And stock up on the Ak Mak there because it’s hard to find elsewhere. I was going to go there Friday, but last minute wedding things made me get off track. The cookie butter is heavenly, but it’s been a while since I got it so I’d have to look at the ingredients when I do. Hey… I started a grocery price comparison sheet… we should compare! Great minds think alike!

  • Oh I’d love to check you your sheet Kim!!!!

  • I may have to go check out our Trader Joe’s in Plano. A bit of a drive, but I have another friend who tells me it is worth it!

  • Let me know what you think Mandy!!!