Real Kid Real Food- Breakfast

April 1, 2013

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Somewhere along the way (ahem, when I was pregnant with Ruthie) I started giving Noah frozen Eggo waffles for breakfast.  When I started reading labels about six months ago I noticed that the waffles I was giving to my son almost every morning contain almost 40 ingredients, including artificial food dyes (blue #2 which is a known carcinogen derived from coal tar) and genetically modified ingredients (soybean oil and soy lecithin).  I would have NEVER given this to my two year old if I knew it had ingredients that were proven by scientific studies to be carcinogenic and cause hyperactivity in otherwise normal children.  I am infuriated just thinking about it.

In Europe every food with an artificial food dye is required by law to have a warning label stating the following: “May have adverse affect on activity and attention in children”

What on earth?!  Come on U.S.A., let’s get with the program!  Click here to read more about additives that remain in our food supply in the United States that have been banned in other countries.  The reason these additives have been banned in other industrialized nations are due to consumer outcry and consumer boycott of these ingredients.  My hope is that this happens in the United States sooner than later.

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Over the past six months we have revamped our breakfast menu.  Below are some great real food options for breakfast, some more simple than others!  (Hover your mouse over each breakfast item and it links to the recipe, just fyi)

Granola Balls and fruit– I typically switch out the peanut butter for almond butter and the chocolate chips for raisins or dried cranberries.  I cannot get Noah to eat regular oatmeal!  I use organic, raw unfiltered honey and unsweetened coconut which I could only find at Sprouts or Central Market…Let me know if you find this at Walmart or Kroger!  I’m sure they have it at Trader Joe’s.  I’ve even made them without the coconut and they are great.  These are also good for nursing mom’s because oats boost milk supply!

Ezekiel Sprouted toast with almond butter and honey, fruit-  I buy this at Kroger in the organic section.  See benefits of Sprouted bread here.  I freeze half of the loaf and leave the other half in the fridge.  Sprouted bread digests like a vegetable and has numerous health benefits.

Homeade waffles with organic pure maple syrup and fruit- I made a big batch last weekend and froze for quick breakfasts during the week. Noah and my husband Nelson love these!  It’s fun to make them on a Sunday night and have breakfast for dinner too!  I’m going to try a few other recipes too and I’ll share my thoughts.  I added blueberries and bananas to some of these and they turned out great!

Cascadian Farms organic Purely O’s and fruit–  I buy this cereal at Kroger in the organic section, it’s no more expensive than non organic cereal, sometimes it’s even cheaper.  It’s definitely processed however it doesn’t contain ingredients that are proven to be dangerous.  I am a busy mom, and some mornings are crazy trying to get ready for school, change diapers, clean bottles, etc…cereal is just necessary on some of these days, especially if I haven’t pre-made the granola balls or waffles.  This cereal isn’t nearly as processed as many others so for now, I buy it for a quick and easy breakfast or snack mixed with dried fruit!

Scrambled Eggs-  This is hit or miss.  Most of the time he refuses to eat them.  I haven’t even tried adding vegetables because he refuses to eat the plain eggs :o).  Maybe if I tried making a quiche he would eat that?  Hmmm…I’ll let you know!

What do your kids eat for breakfast?  I’m always looking for more ideas!  I would love to incorporate more vegetables into our morning routine!

  • Lindsay Brown

    I saw this recipe for Blueberry Banana Pancakes today- I haven’t tried them yet.

    We make egg muffins quite a bit (and I mix in some veggies and mushrooms). So long as it’s a muffin consistency Aubrey will eat it. We also do Greek yogurt and fruit quite a bit. I made Lisa’s granola recipe today, I’m excited to try it with yogurt or milk!

    I love all the ideas– I’m pinning each and every one!

    • Let me know how the granola turns out! And great idea on the egg muffins. Noah has a dairy sensitivity so I don’t do greek yogurt with him, however I love it for breakfast with fruit and a little honey…I can’t eat it plain without honey unless I’m using it as a sour cream substitute:o)!!!! I’m so glad you are following along!!!!

      • Lindsay Brown

        The granola turned out awesome. I also made the blueberry banana pancakes for lunch today (and threw in a little of the granola while they were cooking). They were really tasty.

        • oh yum, i will have to make the granola this weekend!