The Weekend

April 29, 2013

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We spent some time working on the yard this weekend.  I dreamed of having a vegetable garden since college but felt like there was too much to learn.

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But I’ve been inspired lately, especially since I am so interested in where our food is coming from.  I think it would be neat for my kids to see some of our food coming from our own backyard!

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We planted some flowers in the front yard….

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And I pulled out the square foot garden bed my dad made for me three years ago:o)…

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Filled it with soil and compost from a local nursery…

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and planted tomatoes, cucumber, and basil!  I have no idea what I’m doing!

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But I’m starting small just in case everything dies!  I have towers for the tomatoes, they just aren’t pictured.  If you grow your own food, I’d love some tips.  Someday I would love to grow at least 85% of the vegetables we consume so I would love to hear from you if you are on this same journey!!!!!

  • Lindsay Brown

    I also got the itch to garden this year and bought a bunch of stuff at Lowe’s for a container garden. Then I chickened out and took it all back 🙁 Best of luck!! Something important that my father in law passed on to me is that you can stagger how you plant things (like lettuce, onions, potatoes, or kale for example- basically anything that does’t continually produce fruit). Meaning, you plant a batch and then plant another batch a few weeks later so that you don’t have to harvest everything at once. It allows you to harvest every so often and have a more continual supply of veggies.

    My brother and his wife have turned their BACK and FRONT yard into a garden and they grow the majority of their veggies. I know they have to can quite a bit of what they produce so they are able to use it throughout the year. So it may be a good idea to get familiar with canning. I plan to learn more about it so I can can some of what I buy during farmer’s market season.

    PS- your garden helper sure is a cutie! She looks very excited

    • oh my goodness! that is a great idea to stagger…i know nothing i tell you!!! but thankfully everything is still alive!!!!

  • Leslie Kvasnicka

    I love your little garden Lauren…I’m considering an edible garden but don’t really know how to go about doing it myself. I’ll keep you posted if I do, but I love seeing how yours is turning out!

    • Thanks Leslie! I don’t know either:o)!!!! We shall both see how this turns out!!!

  • DingyRed

    I also wish to eat mostly from my garden. I don’t like what has happened to our food.