A Morning with Me and Kale

May 9, 2013

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I dream up blog posts all the time but have trouble posting frequently.  I suppose that is part of being a “real mom”…but I thought I’d share with you a snippet of my day today.  If you dropped by unexpectedly you would find piles of toys on our front porch.  One of my favorite places in our home.

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You might walk in and find little Ruthie drinking up her goat milk from Homestead Farms or munching on her favorite snacks, frozen blueberries and pineapple.

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I hope you would feel inspired to Dream Big while at the same time feel sincerely and completely accepted for wherever you are in life.  We all have our messes.  But it is nice to have friends who help us dream beyond them.

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You would see my latest library finds…I have a date with Food Inc. tonight.

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If you peeked into our bedroom you would find an unmade bed.  But something about white bedding makes an unmade bed look somewhat pretty, somewhat comforting.

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If you looked in my backyard you would see that my vegetables have in fact grown a little.  They are not dead like I half expected (more than half).  I still have no clue what I’m doing, but I do tend to it every day, pruning the dead leaves and watering frequently.

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You would find avocado, sweet potato, banana, and dried cranberries on my countertop.  Staples over here!

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You would find dishes in the sink…and this actually looks a lot better than normal ;o)…

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and wait, where is sister?  oh yes, she is in brother’s room while he is at school, checking on his fish and seeing what she can find to put in her mouth…

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and by the back door, two pairs of boots for stomping around in our quaint backyard.

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And what am I eating?  The salad that inspired this blog post.  Kale Cranberry Salad.  Have you ever had it from Central Market?  Well, I’m obsessed…and I just made my own today for the first time.  I used Food Babe’s recipe found here, only I just made the dressing and added cranberries since I had no pine nuts on hand (I may have added a little extra honey ;o))…and let me tell you, this cancer preventing green veggie is changing my life, one bite at a time!

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  • Angie

    I love it that you wrote about this salad. I had it from central market this weekend and i havent stopped thinking about it. It is SO GOOD!!!

    • i’m so glad!!! my computer has been in the shop so sorry for the late reply, but that salad is amazing!!!