Real Food: Vacation

June 21, 2013

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We went to New Mexico a few weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL to get away.  It was the first real trip I’ve taken since I started eating real food so I was a little curious about how it would go.  The weekend before we left we had a family wedding that my entire family was in so I was not able to plan ahead like I will next time.  The night before our trip I ran to the grocery store and grabbed snacks for the road.  I had a separate container for me, Noah, and Ruthie (Nelson flew out to meet us bc of work and we rode with my parents).
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I packed Larabars, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, organic fruit chews, annie’s cheddar trail mix (which was too processed and ended up smelling awful in the car) and apple sauce.   Can I just say that Larabars were a lifesaver on this trip?!  We all love them (even little Ruthie) and they are a great source of protein during the day.  What I wish I would have packed for the car:  raw veggies with hummus and more fresh fruit!  And I WISH I would have made a last minute Trader Joe’s run for our snacks since everything is cheaper there!

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We stayed in a cabin with my parents and grandparents and were able to cook a few meals.  On my night to cook I made whole wheat spaghetti with organic pasta sauce and a big green salad.  Super easy and kid friendly!  This was the first vacation ever where I focused on finding nourishing food so that I could ultimately feel great and enjoy every moment with my family.  Before we left I researched restaurants/stores in the area that served local, organic food.  I only found one in Ruidoso and it was so fun finding it in advance and taking my family there to grab amazing quiche and wraps for a picnic at the park which ended up in a dip in a mountain stream!  If you are ever in Ruidoso, you MUST visit The Wild Herb Market!  I went twice while there.  It’s a grocery store and a cafe, and it was wonderful!
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All in all, I felt good about what we ate on vacation.  We had a few splurges and there were several days that I felt “vegetable deficient”, however it was a great learning experience.  Like anything else, more planning would have helped a ton!  Lisa Leake wrote a wonderful post about tips for real food on trips:
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I truly enjoyed my family and embraced every moment of this trip.  My children are everything to me.  And they are the reason I started this journey in the first place.  I want to be there for them as long as I can, to see them learn and grow.  And I want to help them develop a taste for food from the earth so that they can grow up healthy and strong.  I love them more than life!

I hope you are having a great week!  Take your family out to Chipotle this week to celebrate the first American restaurant chain to post their ingredients list AND label all GMO’s!

  • Leslie Kvasnicka

    I am so sad that I didn’t read this post before we went out there. I would have loved to try that place…and we definitely had lots of vegetable deficient days too.